Warm Mediterranean region

Murcia offers any visitor the best possible beaches, bathed by two different seas, a vast cultural and historic legacy, a lot of picturesque villages and some nature reserves. The beauty of its silent cliffs, heavenly beaches and virgin coves comes up all along a 240 kilometers long seaboard. You can perceive the flavor of those tiny little fishing towns by the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean. It all molds a nature space of unique beauty brought together in four basic tourist spots: Mar Menor, La Manga, Mazarrón and Águilas. Beyond the mountains there still are erected the traces of several cultures, which came and occupied this province throughout five thousand years. Nowadays you can see what’s left: castles, fortresses, chapels and convents still settle the landscapes.

Murcia, the capital city, is a town full of contrasts, as it combines at the same time a modern and a warm face. Romans, Phoenicians, Byzantines and Carthaginians took advantage of the nature harbour in Cartagena to develop their own civilizations. By the way, all along its five hundred years of history, the town of Lorca has kept accumulating a historic legacy which it is worth to discover by visiting the “hundred shield city”, as it is known today.

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Murcians are humble, friendly, extroverted and generous. In Murcia people enjoy hanging out in the street with other people. The smell of orange blossom and lemon tree in every corner of La Huerta is unique and unmistakable.

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In Murcia the vegetable garden is very important, but besides its famous salads, you have to try the zarangollo (courgette with onion and potatoes), the pisto (ratatouille), the caldron of mar menor, the michirones (broad beans) or the rice from the vegetable garden.

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Within the many festivities and celebrations of the region, the most outstanding one would be the Holy Week. But we also recommend the Spring Festival, the Bando de la Huerta, the September Fair, or the Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta Virgin.