General Conditions

General Conditions


For the purposes of these Conditions, the program / brochure is an informative document to which they are incorporated. The program / offer is the description of the package contained in this confidential tariff which is the subject of the contract package.

Information about the program / offer contained in this confidential tariff is binding on the organizer or retailer, unless any of the following circumstances: a) changes in such particulars have been clearly communicated in writing by the consumer before the contract is concluded and that possibility has been specifically included in the supply program. b) subsequently modified by written agreement between the parties occurs.

The General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Book IV of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 on 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and subsequent amendments approved Law and other complementary laws. The General Conditions are incorporated, signed by the contracting parties, to all contracts of package programs which concern / offer contained in the program / brochure and binding on the parties, with the particular conditions agreed in the contract or stated in the travel documents provided simultaneously with the signing of the contract.

The organization of this package has been made by Mundispain Tours CIC MA 1730, with VAT number B-84413186, with registered office at  Calle de las Eras, 5 -1° piso – 28411 Moralzarzal. Madrid – Spain.


3.1. The price of the package includes.

  1. Round trip transportation, when this service is included in the contracted program, the type of transport, characteristics and category as indicated in the contract or in the documentation given to the consumer at the time of signing the contract.
  2. Accommodation, when this service is included in the contract, in the establishment and board contained in the contract or in the documentation given to the consumer at the time of subscribe program.
  3. The rates or taxes for accommodations and indirect taxes – value added tax (VAT)
  4. Technical assistance during the journey, when this service is specifically included in the contracted program.
  5. All other services and complements specified expressly in the contract program or specifically stated in agreement package.

3.2. Repricing. The price of the package has been calculated on the basis of exchange rates, freight rates, fuel costs as well as taxes and fees applicable on the date program has been made public; or posterior, in case those were divulged by printing. Any change in the price of these elements can lead to the revision of the final price of the trip, either upward or downward, in the exact amount by which costs have changed. These changes will be notified to the consumer, in writing or by any means ensuring proper evidence of the communication made. When the amendment made is significant, the trip could be cancelled without penalty or accept the modification of the contract. In any case, it was revised upwards during the twenty days prior to the date of departure, in applications already made.

3.3. Special offers. When hiring the package is undertaken as a consequence of special offers, last minute or equivalent to, with different price stated in the program, the services included in the price are only those specified in detail in the offer, though, that offer refers to any of the programs described in this confidential tariff, provided that such referral is made for the sole purpose of general information about the destination.

3. 4. Exclusions.

  1. 3.4.1. The price of the package not included.
    Visas, airport taxes, and / or entry and exit rates, vaccination certificates, «extras» such as coffee, wine, spirits, mineral water, special diets not even in cases of full board or half board, -except it is expressly agreed in the contract-, washing and ironing, optional hotel services and, in general, any other service that is not mentioned in «The price of the package includes» or not specifically detailed in the program, in the contract or in the documentation given to the consumer to subscribe.
  2. 3.4.2. Optional excursions or visits.
    In the case of excursions or facultative visits not in origin, please note that they are not part of the contract package. Its publication in the brochure is merely informative and the price is expressed with the indicative «estimate». Therefore, when they will be contracted in destination, variations on their costs may occur, which alter the estimated price.
    Moreover, these tours will be offered to consumers with their specific conditions and definitive prices independently and not guaranteed until the time of hiring the possible realization of them.
  3. 3.4.3. Snow travel.
    In snow travel, unless otherwise indicated in the confidential tariff, they will not be included lifts and ski courses.
  4. 3.4.4. Tips.
    Within the package price they are not including gratuities, unless expressly stated to the contrary.

For cruises, the fare is not included an additional contribution that usually, though incorrectly, often it is referred as tip, the amount of which depends on the length of the trip and whose sole recipient will be service personnel , for which customers will be noticed at departure to make a commitment to deliver it to the end of the trip.

In the moment of the confirmation you must to pay the 40% deposit of the total of the package requested. the rest must be paid minimum 45 days before prior to Arrive. The breach of the above conditions will apply the 100% cancellation fees and no refund will be paid of the requested services and not used by customers

The travel agency undertakes to provide its customers all the services contracted as well as contained in the program that has led to the contract package with the stipulated conditions and characteristics, all in accordance to the following terms:
a) In the event that, prior to departure, the organizer is forced to significantly modify any essential element of the contract, including the price, it shall immediately inform the consumer, either directly when it acts also as retailer or through the respective retailer in all other cases. b) In such cases, unless the parties agree otherwise, the client may choose to terminate the contract without penalty or accept a contract amendment in which the introduced changes and their impact on the price required.

5.1. General. Mundispain Tours states that assumes the functions of the organization and execution of the trip. The organizer package holidays liable for damages suffered by the consumer as a result of non-execution or poor execution of the contract. This responsibility shall cease when any of the following circumstances:

  1. That the defects observed in the contract are attributable to the consumer.
  2. That such defects are attributable to a third party outside the provision of the services provided for in the contract and are unforeseeable or unavoidable.
  3. That the aforementioned defects are due to force majeure, meaning such conditions beyond reach those who request, unusual and unpredictable consequences of which could not have been avoided, despite having acted with due diligence.
  4. That the defects the organizer, despite having put all due care, could not foresee or forestall. However, in the event of exclusion of liability for the occurrence of any of the circumstances described in the numbers 2, 3 and 4 the organizer who are party to the contract package will be required to provide the necessary assistance to the consumer that find in difficulty.
  5. Limits of compensation for damages. The limit of compensation for damages resulting from failure or improper performance of the services included in the package, it is subject to the provisions of the international treaties on the subject. In case of accident, when the journey involves coaches, «vans» and similar limousines hired by the Organizing Agency directly or indirectly, the consumer must present the corresponding claim against the shipping company in order to safeguard, in his case, Insurance indemnity of it, being free assisted as well as advised by the Organizing Agency or insurance Company.

6.1. Air travel. Meeting at the airport. In air travel, the presentation will be made at the airport at least an hour and a half in advance on the official departure time, and in any case, it will be follow strictly the specific recommendations indicating in the travel documentation provided to sign the contract. In individual hiring services, it is recommended that the customer reconfirms times of flights forty-eight hours before departure.
6.2. Hotels.
7.2.1. General. The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel will be determined by the official tourist category, if any, allocated by the competent body of your country. Given the current relevant legislation, which provides only the existence of single and double rooms allowing in some of them to a third bed, it is always deemed that the use of the third bed is made with the knowledge and consent of the people occupying the room. This tacit estimation derives from the true circumstance of having been advised as well as the room appearing as a triple in all print reservation provided to the consumer when he pays the advance, in the contract and in the tickets and / or in travel documents that It is delivered simultaneously with the signature. Also, in cases of double rooms for use of up to four people, with four beds, where specified in the program / brochure. The regular schedule for entry and exit in hotels is based on the first and last service that the user will use. As a general rule and unless expressly agreed otherwise in the contract, the rooms may be used from 14 pm on day of arrival and must be vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure. When the service contract does not include the permanent support and guidance, or the user provides his arrival on dates or times other than the aforementioned, it is desirable to avoid problems and misunderstandings, communicate this circumstance in advance to the Organizing Agency, or hotel or apartments directly, as appropriate. You should also consult the Agency at the time of booking, the possibility of taking animals, they are not generally accepted in hotels and apartments. In case you have confirmed the admission of animals and be travelled with them, that fact must be stated in the contract. The hosting service will mean that the room is available in the corresponding night, regardless provided by particular circumstances of the package, the time of entry in it is later than initially planned.
7.2.2. Other services. On flights whose arrival at the destination is performed after 12:00 am, the first service of the hotel, where it is included in the program / brochure will be the dinner. Similarly, for flights landing at the destination is performed after 19:00 pm, the first service of the hotel is the accommodation. It was always understood as a direct air route the one whose documentary support one flight voucher, regardless of if the flight makes a technical stop.
7.2.3. Supplemental Services. When users request supplementary services (eg ocean view room, etc.) not be definitively confirmed by the Organizing Agency, the user may choose to permanently cancel the requested supplementary service or maintain your request pending such services may eventually be interested rendered. In the event that the parties had agreed the payment of the price of the additional services that ultimately you cannot be provided, the amount paid will be refunded by the retailer Agency immediately withdrawal of service by the consumer or the return trip as the user has chosen the resignation in providing the requested supplementary service or has maintained the request.
7.3. Apartments. When booking, the customer is fully and exclusively responsible for declaring the correct number of people to occupy the apartment, without omitting children whatever their age. It is noted that the apartment administration can legally refuse to admit the entry of those persons not declared, with no right to any claim for that cause. In some cases, there is possibility to enable extra bed(s) or cribs, which must be requested by customers before making the contract, and unless expressly stated otherwise, shall not be included in the published price of the apartment.
7.4. Special economic conditions for children. Given the diversity of applicable treatment for children, depending on their age, the service provider and the date of travel, you should always consult the scope of the special conditions that exist and that every moment will be the subject of specific information and detailed and shall be included in the contract or in the travel documents to be delivered at the time of signature. Overall, in terms of accommodation, they shall apply provided that the child shares a room with two adults. For stays of minors abroad will be provided detailed information for each case and what can be included in the contract or in the travel documents to be delivered to subscribe.

All users, without exception (including children) must have their respective personal and family documents, either a passport or ID card under the laws of the country or countries visited. It will be borne by them when traveling so require obtaining visas, passports, vaccination certificates, etc. It should be rejected by any authority visas for particular causes of the user, or be refused entry into the country because they lack the requirements imposed or default in the required documentation, or not being carrier same, the organizing agency declines all responsibility for events of this nature, being the consumer’s expense arising, apply in these circumstances the conditions and rules established for cases of voluntary withdrawal of services. It also reminds all users, especially those who possess different Spanish nationality, to be secured before starting the journey, having met all applicable standards and requirements for visas in order to enter without problems in all countries to be visited. All children under 18 must carry a written permission signed by their parents or guardians, in anticipation that the same may be requested by any authority.

For all purposes and as road transport is concerned, it is understood that luggage and other personal belongings of the user preserves him, whatever part of the vehicle on which they are placed and transported at the risk of the user. It is recommended that users are presented in all manipulations of loading and unloading of baggage. For air, rail, sea or river transport of luggage, they apply the conditions of the transportation companies, being the passenger ticket binding document between these companies and the passenger. In the event of harm or loss the consumer shall, in the act, timely claim with the carrier. If not submitted at the time the transport companies will not be responsible. The Organizing Agency agrees to provide timely assistance to customers who may be affected by any of these circumstances.

the client must have insurance to cover costs of cancellation and / or assistance insurance that covers repatriation costs in case of accident, illness or death; the client must request information about the probable risks implicit to the destination and the contract, in compliance with the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users trip.

The photographs shown in the brochure of people, landscapes, hotels, etc., are taken from different trips or have been provided by external supplies and are included merely a guideline, so the Organizing Agency is not responsible if the customer fails arrives to find identical conditions during travel. The references made in the days comprising the trip must be interpreted in the sense that our services are distributed along that number of days, as it is clear from reading the route, without implying that package duration is extended to 24 hours during the number of days mentioned. Lost property: The Organizing Agency is not responsible for lost or forgotten during the trip.

The duration of this confidential tariff will be up to the 31/12/2020. Date of publication of this confidential tariff: January 2020.